Cartoon Without Font

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This free comic sans looking-ish font alternative, Cartoon Without, is distributed under the WTFPL license, meaning do anything with it.  Write your passive aggressive comic sans messages without surrendering your sense of typographical superiority.



Furbys in the Uncanny Valley

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Tattle Tale is a new roaming pseudo-horror game centered around a parody of the 90s animatronic doll Furby. The game, which mixes humor with atmospheric frights, falls a bit short in the scare department. Scares felt like they were meant to be a core part of the game (in addition to humor), and wonder if the artists and game designers may have benefitted from thinking more about what makes Furby scary, the very basics of which start with finding the right spot to put their knockoff toy in the Uncanny Valley.

The applied artistic use of a idea like the Uncanny Valley is probably no easy task, one that requires real artistic skill and a bit of luck to bring its concepts to bear – whether you are trying to avoid making a scary animatronic, or intentionally trying to drive to its bottom freaky-zone to make something feel frightening.

That said, artists who understand, and have a feel for the uncanny curve, certainly seem more likely to succeed in the robot-toy-video-game-horror genre.

Odd Forms of Rock Hide More Faces, Including Elvis

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More Visages in the Odd Forms of Japanese Rocks

Good to know that we are not the only ones suffering from this oddforms affliction, sharing a link to this post published by Reflecting on our previous post on machine learning, finding faces in these odd forms of rock might be considered a human version of overfitting. Perhaps not surprisingly, the condition of seeing meaningful patterns in noise is a concept that has had many observers, and goes by many names. One of which is apophenia, coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad, and was alarmingly considered a ‘prodomal mood and earliest stage of schizophrenia’. Here is a nice excerpt from Wikipedia:

In contrast to an epiphany, an apophany (i.e., an instance of apophenia) does not provide insight into the nature of reality or its interconnectedness but is a “process of repetitively and monotonously experiencing abnormal meanings in the entire surrounding experiential field”…

Apophenia has come to imply a universal human tendency to seek patterns in random information.

Its nice to take note that if the world ever begins to make a little too much sense, its a good indication you may have lost your mind.

Pareidolian Visages

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Pareidolia, is one of the names given to the psychological phenomenon of seeing meaningful patterns in noise. This is part of our collection over the past 3 months, some more random than others. Be warned, once you start to look for them, they are everywhere.