Here you will find old work that’s not quite up to speed with what’s happening now but still needs a home. Projects made on old equipment, ideas, software etcetera.

Where is Jakob?

When Jakob the flatmate returns home to his native Germany, his former living companions attempt to come to terms with his departure.

Totó Interactive Installation

The interactive animation game / exhibition piece called Totó was made using Adobe Character Animator and was displayed during the 2018 Budapest Residency Exhibition. In the animation, players go on a short adventure controlling action on screen with a touch screen and webcam.

Behind the scenes I control music and create character voices live, customized to the player’s choices. The result is a unique game-like interaction that takes advantage of a living dungeon master’s ability to adapt to any player action. Currently this demo is for two people to play at a time.

The game pushes Character Animator to new limits, Totó is unlike any game you’ve played!


A collection of photos that look like faces found by oddforms and other collectors who have submitted them, some are better than others. When you start to look for them – they are everywhere!

Got a good one? Send it to

Alaskan Trail Safety

In Alaska, off-highway vehicles are a part of everyday commuting life and must share multi-use trails with all types of land transport from dog sleds to mopeds. Managing this shared resource is further complicated by an independent spirit in Alaska that can be sometimes a bit sensitive to laws regarding personal safety and being told what to do by the government. This quick ad, produced as a volunteer while in Anchorage, played off those caveats to deliver a simple safety message to the public.

Horseshoe Crabs

This short educational video and some printed outreach materials was made for Gateway National Recreation Area park while working as a 6 month volunteer with the Park Service in 2011. It was more like an ‘on the side’ deal so production value is a bit lacking. A fun summer with the Horseshoes none-the-less.

Previous Portfolio

A hosting service has kept my old portfolio online for almost 15 years. Drawings from as far back as high school, and other misc projects. Still online for the most part.