Half Becca was inspired by the BBC documentary Guys and Dolls, an investigative documentary into the lives of men who collect super realistic sex dolls. This short film, produced for the Otago University TruLies festival, is an unhelpful ridicule of the believable lengths some are willing to go to find companionship. The TruLies festival is about film projects that tell a conceivable lie. This darkly humored short won Judge’s choice at the 2009 festival. On the down side, we’ve probably lost several job opportunities where potential clients saw this and were a little freaked out. Consequently, I only recommend watching it if you already aren’t planning to hire me.

Hair Philosophy with Ferfi
A short minute long interview to meet Ferfí as he discusses his unique approach to hairdressing and the business. Adobe Character animator performance and editing with live video and hand-made puppet.

Where is Jakob?

When Jakob the flatmate returns home to his native Germany, his former living companions attempt to come to terms with his departure.