The Cost of Couteau

When the tide is at its lowest on an estuary beach teeming with life, a man finds an abandoned fishing basket among the algae and the mud. But as he begins to collect strange looking shells, he soon finds he cannot stop and faces a quickly rising sea.

We Now Had to Live

10 Minute short experimental film conceived and realized during the covid-19 lockdown in France.

French with English subtitles.

Credits: Jean Baptiste Plard, Charles Sheppa

Trapped in a surreal apocalyptic lock-down due to unexplained changes in the physics of the sun, an amateur scientist uses what she can to make sense of her predicament and find a path forward.

Me Love You

A 2007 interview with American inventor Ronald Eliott in his home in Dunedin as he tours his effort to construct his own futuristic robotic love doll without income or investment. Produced in 2007 this short was the judge’s selection at the 2008 Otago TruLies Film in New Zealand

Ivor Gum Series
Come along with Ivor Gum as he takes the journey of learning to juggle. Posted here is episode 6 but the full series is available on his youtube channel!

Hair Philosophy with Ferfi
A short minute long interview to meet Ferfí as he discusses his unique approach to hairdressing and the business. Adobe Character animator performance and editing with live video and hand-made puppet.